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Bench - press workshop series
Join me for the last  FREE workshop series at Snap Fitness Helensvale!

Starts 3rd of May at 6pm

  • Learn how to warm - up before your bench - press session to improve your performance

  • Learn what is scapular retraction and why is it important 

  • Learn the most effective & the safest technique to get bigger barbell bench - press

  • Learn different variations & accessory exercises

Join us for our bench - press event on the
4th of June at 12pm

Workshop 1

03/05 AT 6PM

Learn the fundamentals to bench - press and how to warm - up properly.

Workshop 4

24/05 AT 6PM

Wrap up & implementing everything what we have learnt into practise.

Workshop 2

10/05 AT 6PM

Learn the most effective & the safest technique of bench - press.

Bench - press event

04/06 AT 12PM

Join us for a community event  to test out your 1RM and meet new people!

Workshop 3

17/05 AT 6PM

Learn different variations of bench press and accessories.

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