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Veronika is originally from the Czech Republic and moved to Australia in 2017 to study her personal training certificates & build her own coaching business.

She started as a personal trainer at EMF Pacific Fair in 2019. That didn't work out so well for her, so she decided to move her business to another gym - Snap Fitness Helensvale, which is her current workplace.

She also started operating her coaching business under Fearless Motion, which has been originally created with an idea to help people overcome fear from lifting heavy weights and to not just get physically strong, but also have strong mindsets, that they are capable of achieving anything they want.

Veronika is highly passionate about powerlifting which she includes in her training systems.

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Fearless Motion has been created in March 2020. It has been still evolving and offering better & better services to new clients so they can achieve their dream goals.


Fearless Motion follows systems called S&S which stands for Strength and Sustainable coaching. 

We do not believe in short-term results, we promote the long-term ones, so people can stick to fitness and exercise as long as possible. That is why Fearless Motion offers both online and face-to-face coaching which is sustainable long-term, flexible and adjusted to customer's needs.

Veronika's coaching systems are based around powerlifting. She will guide you through the transition from a common body composition training to training with purpose - powerlifting. At the times where fat loss/gaining muscles might slow down a bit, training for a strength & performance can help you maintain fitness long-term & stay motivated.

Training with the right and safe technique is also one of the Fearless Motion's values.

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