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Helping you to understand WHY BEING STRONG matters so you can START your fitness journey the right way!



You really want to learn how to lift weight properly... You just don't know where to start
You can't become consistent... and keep wasting money on your gym membership
You are confused by different training structures... and don't know which one is the best one to start
You always wanted to be confident in the gym... yet you still suffer with gym anxiety
You are overwhelmed by so many weight loss challenges... but you just want to feel STRONG  in your body & mindset


START STRONG - 4 weeks program


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An introduction video to get you started with this program
Weekly educational emails on mindset, squat, bench press and deadlift tutorials
Access to a 3 day training program on Trainerize with video tutorials
Weekly check - ins to keep you accountable
Access to a private chat with Veronika to answer any questions you might have


"In every step of the way, Veronika will guide you with very useful techniques and tips that can change your perspectives on weight training as a whole; which is very powerful. Great coach"

Nathasia K.

"Veronika's down to earth approach to things. Everything she does or says comes from a good place. She knows what people should be doing to build strength and confidence in the gym"

Marcus K.

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